Teal Health is on a mission

to provide women with the tools, access, and resources they need to make their own, informed decisions regarding their health—starting with cervical cancer screenings.


We are on a mission to get all women and people with a cervix screened for cervical cancer.


Our vision is to advance women’s wellbeing by putting women, their preferences, and their experiences at the heart of everything we do.

Our Story

Teal Health was founded by Dr. Avnesh Thakor and Kara Egan. Brought together by a mutual friend because of their shared passion for driving change in health and equity. Together, they reimagined Dr. Thakor’s initial self-collect prototype into the beautiful Teal Wand – an ergonomically designed screening device for a broad range of bodies and health literacy levels – and developed a women’s telehealth platform centered around accessibility, engagement, and honoring a woman’s experience.

Shocked by the lack of innovation in the 80+ year old cervical cancer screening process, Dr. Avnesh Thakor, Associate Professor at Stanford University, was driven to revolutionize the process using his experience across medical disciplines and research. Kara Egan’s 20 year career in finance, health, and technology has shaped Teal Health into the telehealth platform women deserve. By using the best technology and communication channels Teal focuses on the women’s experience and works seamlessly into the modern woman’s day, when and how it’s convenient for her.

Through groundbreaking innovations like the Teal Wand, Teal Health is rewriting the narrative of women's healthcare for generations to come.

We keep good company

Backed by the best:

“For far too long women have been disenfranchised by their current healthcare experiences, with women of underrepresented communities feeling an increased strain on their access and options surrounding healthcare.

We’re excited to partner with Teal to increase equity and access to this life-saving screening.”

Serena Williams


We boldly champion the future women deserve.

Expect Exceptional

Elevate Women

Learning, everyday

Our Growing Team

Kara Egan
CEO & Co-Founder
Ave Thakor, MD, PhD
Liz Swenson, MD, FACOG, MSCP
Medical Director & OBGYN
Trena Depel
VP of Clinical, Regulatory & Quality
Polina Segalova, PhD
Head of Product
Victor Su
Head of Engineering
Alex Millie
Head of Operations
Mallory Walsh
Head of Marketing & Communications
Lisa Santos
Product Marketing
Courtney Parsons
Clinical Trial Manager
Deepa Thakor, MD
Family Practice Medical Advisor
Anish Dhungel
Software Engineer
Elizabeth McDonald
Chief of Staff
Cate Curran
Quality Assurance
Meghna Mukherjee, PhD
Jennifer Godbout, MD, FACOG
Joseph DeSimone, ME, PhD
Board Member

Equity, Inclusivity, and Access

All people deserve access to high-quality, judgment-free, and individually tailored healthcare. Our current product offering is designed for people assigned female at birth, and we look forward to serving patients of all different ethnicities, genders, races, sexual orientations, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, and religions.

Your experience matters

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