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Teal Health is on a mission to provide women with the tools and resources they need to make their own, empowered decisions regarding their health—starting with cervical cancer screenings.

By allowing a woman to perform her own vaginal collection in the comfort and convenience of her own home or health clinic, we can increase access to this critical screening and can work to eradicate cervical cancer.

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Image of Teal Health's Founders, Kara Egan and Ave Thakor

Our Story

For far too long, women’s health practices have remained antiquated and outdated due to underfunding, lack of research and awareness, and at worst, a belief that women’s pain doesn’t matter. This is evident in today’s cervical cancer screening process, where one of the primary components of the exam is a speculum—a device which hasn’t been updated in over 150 years.

Fast forward to 2018, when Dr. Avnesh Thakor (MD, PhD), shocked by how little innovation had been directed toward this experience, reimagined what this unpleasant and uncomfortable exam could look like for women, and created the original prototype for the Teal Wand.

A mutual friend connected Dr. Thakor to Kara Egan, knowing that the two shared a passion for driving change when it comes to women’s health and equity. In June of 2020, Kara Egan joined the company as CEO, bringing over 15 years of investing and operating experience in the technology industry. Together, the team got to work on Teal Health’s mission to create the future of healthcare that women deserve.

Company Values

We boldly champion the future women deserve.

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Expect Exceptional

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Elevate Women

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We are on a mission to get all women screened for cervical cancer.

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Our vision is to advance women’s wellbeing by putting women, their preferences, and their experiences at the heart of everything we do.

Our Investors

Supported and backed by top investors focused on advancing women and healthcare.

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Our Team

Kara Egan
CEO & Co-Founder
Ave Thakor
Trena Depel
VP of Clinical, Regulatory & Quality
Polina Segalova
Head of Product
Mallory Walsh
Head of Marketing & Communications
Victor Su
Head of Engineering
Lisa Santos
Product Marketing Manager
Deepa Thakor
Primary Care Physician
Alex Millie
Head of Operations
Anish Dhungel
Software Engineer

Our Board and Advisors

Joseph DeSimone, ME, PHD
Board Member
Dr. Barbara Levy, OBGYN
Matt Davis-Ratner, Esq.
Executive Advisor
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