Self-collect vs collection with a speculum

Self-collection is a more private and less painful way of collecting a sample to screen for cervical cancer.

The handle is designed to make it easy to complete self-collection using just one hand.

The dial moves up and down to extend and retract the sponge. It also rotates to collect an adequate sample for testing.

The Wand has a dimensional profile of a standard tampon applicator.

The Wand is designed for all bodies. For some, it will only insert a few inches, for others, it could be more.

Soft sponge collects cells for cervical cancer screening, using a Primary HPV test.

Same Test, Different Way of Collecting a Sample

Self-collected cervical cancer screening is successfully used in other countries, such as Australia, and is now being tested in the US to prove it can be an alternative to having your screening done by a provider.

The Teal WandTM self-collect device (pictured above), which is currently in clinical trials*, uses the same FDA-approved HPV tests that are recommended by the American Cancer Society and used at your doctor’s office – it is simply a different way of collecting the sample.

With self-collect, a woman or person with a cervix will collect their own sample privately and conveniently from home and mail it to the lab. This can be an alternative to the current experience of the provider collecting the sample using a speculum and a brush or broom and sending it to the lab. In both scenarios, a provider will follow up with the test results and discuss next steps.

This self-collection experience is proving to be a desired option with 94% of the Teal Wand study participants stating they prefer it to a speculum collection experience.

Same primary HPV test

Self-collect uses the same test used in doctor’s office - it is simply a different way of collecting the sample to test

Superior experience

Self-collect enables women to be in control and still be connected to providers for results and follow-up care

Proven to detect high-risk HPV

Self-collect is already proven in other countries to increase screening rates and reduce cervical cancer incidence

Same Test, Designed for a Better Experience

At least 20 million women in the U.S. are behind on their cervical cancer screenings. At times, it’s barriers1 around time, work or childcare priorities, and finances that get in the way. Often, people also miss their cervical screening because of fear2, pain, or discomfort, around the standard clinic-based speculum exam.

We also know that experiences of sexual trauma can make a speculum exam especially distressing. Trauma can be a major screening barrier for those who may be among the 1 in 4 women4 who have faced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse, or people who identify as trans or non-binary.3

At Teal Health, we take these experiences seriously when rethinking the cervical cancer screening – and our studies with the Teal Wand show it.

When using the Teal Wand, which is designed for all bodies with a cervix5:


reported that the process was painless.


said self-collect with the Teal Wand was just as, if not more comfortable than a speculum exam.


confirmed they successfully guided the Wand into the appropriate position to collect a sample.


were confident conducting their own cervical cancer screening, if they knew results would be accurate.


completed their collection in under 5 minutes, with 68% finishing in under 2 minutes.


would screen on time every time if they had an option like the Teal Wand

We are not alone in these findings

A worldwide study6 showed that 97% of women were highly in favor of self-collection as a cervical screening option, with many preferring it over getting screened at the clinic.

Teal gives you control over your health experience by re-imagining cervical screenings to be more comfortable, less painful, and easy to do. We want to make sure that doing your routine cervical screening is not just possible, but preferable.

See how they compare

Self-collect with
Teal Wand
Physician-collect with Speculum
Who collects the sample?
You will collect the sample yourself using the Teal Wand.
A provider collects your sample using a speculum and brush or broom.
Where is the sample usually collected?
Wherever feels most comfortable for you. Most people opt for a familiar, private space in their home, such as their bathroom or bedroom. There could be an option to collect in-clinic.
Collected in a clinic or doctor’s office. Typically, you will lay on an examination bed in a doctor’s office and place your legs in stirrups.
Where in my body is the sample taken from?
From your vagina and/or cervix. You guide the Wand into your vagina, toward your cervix - stopping when you feel slight resistance.
Must be taken from your cervix, which is positioned at the upper end of your vagina.
What is this test looking for?
This primary HPV test looks for the presence of high-risk HPV7, which can lead to most cervical cancers. The HPV test used is FDA-approved.

HPV tests detect possible cervical cancer earliest. The test can detect the virus at levels that show risk for dysplasia8 which is when abnormal cell changes take place before cervical cancer develops.
It depends on which test your provider is conducting: a pap smear, co-test, or primary HPV test.

If a primary HPV test, see note to the left.

If a Pap smear (cytology), your cervical cells will be visually analyzed under a microscope for cell changes that may indicate cancer risk.

In a co-test, your provider will be screening based on both the Pap smear and HPV test.
What is the sensitivity of this screening method?
HPV tests are highly sensitive, which means they almost always find infection when it is present.9 In FDA clinical trials, HPV tests have shown 92% sensitivity (at least) when detecting high-risk cell changes caused by HPV (CIN3 or higher).
A Pap smear alone has a lower sensitivity compared to HPV tests. Studies show that the Pap smear has more variation in its overall sensitivity. In FDA clinical trials for high-risk cervical changes (CIN3 or higher), its sensitivity was relatively low at 53%

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