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Why Self-Collected HPV Tests are a Critical Pathway to Ending Cervical Cancer in the United States (A Three-Part Series)

May 28, 2024

For those of you who are healthcare providers, public health change-makers, women’s health enthusiasts, or who are just curious to learn more about HPV, cervical cancer, and self-collection, we’ve put together a three-part research series about these topics.

This series covers the current state of cervical cancer in the United States, the various ways you can screen for cervical cancer and the efficacy of HPV testing, as well as how self-collection can help end this disease.

We deep dive into the research and current data on these issues, staying on top of things so that we can help you do the same.

Part 1: The Problem is Broad, But Solvable

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Part 2: Why We Should Move Toward Primary HPV Testing for Cervical Cancer

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Part 3: Lessons in Equity: The Promising Potential of Self-Collection to End Cervical Cancer

Coming July 2024

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