Teal Health’s mission is to get all women screened for cervical cancer.

From the comfort of her home.

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We are working to bring you an at-home self-collection option for cervical cancer screening, at no cost to you.


We reached 100% collection success in women who have tested with the Teal Wand, according to self-collection results analyzed at a CLIA-certified lab. 1

<5 Min

It took under 5 minutes for women to perform their self-collection with the Teal Wand. 1


Of women who participated in Teal Health’s clinical study, 91% said they preferred the self-collection option compared to clinician collection with a speculum. 1

How it will work*

Image of an email from Teal Health, notifying the recipient that it is time for their screening

Request a kit.

Once you’ve requested an at-home collection kit from Teal, your order will be reviewed, and the kit will be prescribed by a doctor. Once approved, it will ship to your home.
Image of mobile software showing when a patient's cervical cancer screening kit is expected to be delivered.
Image of woman exploring the contents of her collection kit

Receive a kit & collect your sample.

Receive the kit, and perform the self-collection in the comfort of your home. Simply follow the instructions, contact live support at any point if needed during the collection process, seal your sample, and ship it to the lab.

Get results, recommended next steps, and support.

You’ll be contacted by a medical professional once your results are in. You will be given options to schedule a call to discuss your results or view them via a secure portal. If follow-up actions are recommended, you’ll get an explanation as to why, along with what to expect next.
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That’s it! Carry on with your life, and we’ll be in touch when it’s time for another screening!

Trust that you’re in good hands.

Certified doctors and medical professionals are reviewing your results, following the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) defined guidelines, and communicating with you throughout the process. At any point throughout your journey with Teal, you can connect with someone live to help answer any questions you may have.

Equity, Inclusivity, and Access

All people deserve access to high-quality, judgment-free, and individually tailored healthcare. Our current product offering is designed for people assigned female at birth, and we look forward to serving patients of all different ethnicities, genders, races, sexual orientations, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, and religions.
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“This test was so easy to do, and it was way more comfortable than my typical Pap experience!”
Sara Jones, Teal Clinical Trial User
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1.Internal data at Teal Health