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At-Home Self-Collect Cervical Cancer Screening in Clinical Trials Now*

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*The Teal Health Cervical Cancer Screening device is an Investigational Device and is not yet approved by the US FDA.

No more stirrups, 
No more speculum.

The Teal Wand replaces the need for an in office pap smear using stirrups, a speculum and a hard plastic brush or broom. With self-collect, you are in control.

How it Will Work

In clinical trials

The Teal Wand TM self-collect device is currently being tested to run on the the best and most sensitive screening tests - Primary HPV - at leading medical institutions across the US in support of FDA submission.

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Accessible, Comfortable & 

Easy to Use

1 in 4 US women are not up-to-date on their cervical cancer screening. Teal makes screening accessible and comfortable by making it easy to do from your home.

  • 94% prefer it over an exam with a speculum
  • 97% say it is easy or very easy to use
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Designed by & 

for women

Who better to fix women's health than those who have experienced its shortcomings first hand. We are determined to make it better - starting with cervical cancer screenings.

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The science has been here. 
The focus on a woman’s experience has not - until now.

A Little Background

  • 1940s: The Pap smear was introduced.
  • 1980s: It was discovered that high-risk Human Papillomavirus (hrHPV) causes 95%+ of cervical cancer.
  • 2014: The primary HPV test, an advanced screening focused only on hrHPV was developed.
  • 2020: The primary HPV test was designated the recommended cervical cancer screening test by the American Cancer Society. hrHPV can be detected from a vaginal sample versus only a cervical sample.

Coming Soon* : This breakthrough in science enables us to bring self-collect devices like the Teal Wand into homes in the US - increasing access to this critical screening and providing a more pleasant experience.

Other countries, such as Australia, have been doing self-collect for years and they are now on track to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health concern by 2035!

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